Unity's Garden

By Hestia's Hearth is a garden tended by Unity

Happy Naw Ruz

Originally posted on Pearlz Dreaming:
O friends! It behoveth you to refresh and revive your souls through the gracious favors which in this Divine, this soul-stirring Springtime are being showered…

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Originally posted on Pearlz Dreaming:
Thanks so much for dropping by the blog. Be sure to grab a cuppa tea (or coffee or water) and read. I wonder what attracted…

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Called to Motherhood

Called to Motherhood: PieceĀ 8   Each of my children has subtly sculpted me, their mother, into a person who must sometimes forget where they end and I begin. They have … Continue reading

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Finding True Self

The two donkeys Ariadne and Armful of Tiger Lillies were shocked to be pulled into a world where they took on their usual forms. Ariadne was a tall bespeckeled maiden … Continue reading

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Garden Heart

Dragon heart for bravery and a way with flames. Mermaid heart for dreaming and water efficiency. Sun heart to beam and warm with. Garden heart for Unity in diversity Seeing … Continue reading

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My Secret Garden

My Secret Garden would have a waterfall to sing me to dreams waking into the green riddles of life My Secret Garden would have kauri pines that hold eagles that … Continue reading

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Go with the flow Bend with the wind Follow the river To where there are three bends Live the dream Climb that mountain Go to the wind Climb down to … Continue reading

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In the garden – behind the portal..

Unity In the Garden Behind the Portal via Nature Girls magic Dear Speck, Two of the donkeys have disappeared. Shruti, Kiona and I are in right royal pickle at the … Continue reading

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Childhood Leaf

Taking a leaf from childhood’s book Leaves sand to irritate my eyes. Crayon leaf rubbing Preserves textures of my childhood smiles. Musing grown woman reaches back To pull away the … Continue reading

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Speck misses Unity….

From Speck the SS Vulcania c/- Raven I miss you Unity. I do wonder what you are up to. Oh well time to eat another moth. I am tired of … Continue reading

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